What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is a Division-funded service that assists individuals in gaining access to needed programs and state plan services. 


In the Medicaid-based, fee-for-service system, all individuals who are eligible for and wish to access DDD services have a Support Coordination Agency (SCA).

Support Coordination Agencies are organizations qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to assist participants in identifying and gaining access to the services and supports they need. 

Support Coordinators complete a variety of responsibilities in partnership with the person, his/her family, DDD, and service providers which include: 

• Identifying the person’s support needs and preferences 

• Developing the NJ Person Centered Planning Tool and NJ Individual Service Plan 

• Locating options for services that include: traditional disability providers, generic community supports, government supports beyond DDD, and/or natural support based on funds available in the person’s individual budget 

• Ongoing monitoring of supports and services 

• Responding to emergencies and other service related needs of the person and/or family

The Support Coordination Agency assigns a Support Coordinator to work with the individual and his/her family to ensure completion of the Person-Centered Planning Tool (PCPT) and to develop the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).


Selecting a Support Coordination Agency is an important first step.  Families need to be sure to select a company that shares their values and that will do the best job helping them plan for their future and obtain the supports and services they need.

How It Works

Getting to Know You

Your Support Coordinator will get to know you and those important to you along with your goals and dreams to help understand your needs. The information collected will assist with the Support Coordinator writing your Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and Person Centered Planning Tool (PCPT). 


Program and service agencies are researched at the local, state, and federal level to find the best fit for you. Your Support Coordinator will assist with connecting you to the appropriate supports.


When your service provider/s are chosen and within your budget, your Support Coordinator will help you approve and implement your individualized service plan.


Your Support Coordinator will make regular monthly contact with you to ensure your individualized service plan is being followed as well as ensure your well-being and satisfaction with your current providers. 

Monthly Monitorings

Phone Call

The Support Coordinator will be required to make monthly phone calls to monitor the status and well being of the individual. 

Face to Face Visits


The Support Coordinator will be required to meet with the individual quarterly for monitoring. The location can be anywhere from the individual's home to day program, to even a fast food resturaunt or coffee house.

House Visits

The Support Coordinator is required to make an annual home visit in the individual's place of residence.