Q: What is the Support Coordinator's role?

A: We are the liaison between an individual, their family, DDD, and Service Providers.


Q: How would you describe your Support Coordinator’s exposure working with individuals with disabilities?

A: Our team is comprised of two Board Certified Behavior Analysts and a Registered Behavior Technician. As Special Needs educators with personal family experience, we have worked directly with individuals with disabilities in an array of settings including home, school, community, and clinic.


Q: How is your Support Coordinator connected with local community resources?

A: We collaborate with local service providers to make certain families are educated on resources and opportunities available. We also belong to local networks so that we can effectively disseminate the most up to date information.


Q: How do you educate and empower families about support options available to them?

A: During the initial intake meeting with families, your Support Coordinator provides information about services and resources in your community based on the discussion you have regarding your hopes, dreams, and support needs. This information will be documented in your Individualized Service Plan and Person Centered Planning Tool and used to help integrate services.


Q: Does the Support Coordinator establish the budget?

A: No. DDD is responsible for evaluating and establishing an individual’s budget based on their level of need as determined through the NJCAT. Your Support Coordinator will help you allocate your budget towards different services.

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